Pros and Cons of a Triple Bunk

design planning Jun 29, 2023
Pros and Cons of a Triple Bunk

Have you noticed that triple bunks are becoming more common? There are plenty of reasons. Not only do they create a design statement, but they are a way you can maximise space. And that was a primary reason Natalie chose to include a triple bunk in the Still Studio, which is a former 45 square metre garage that she converted into a tranquil studio space that sleeps 5-6 people.

Pros of a triple bunk

There are many pros of opting for a triple bunk bed.

1. Save space!

If you are tight on floor space, bunks are a great choice to make the most of any vertical space you have available. Natalie was restricted to maintaining the existing footprint, but she was able to take advantage of the generous ceiling height. 

Tip – Make sure children can sit up comfortably within each bunk. 

2. Save money

Depending on how you design the bunks, they can be more cost effective than buying three single beds. While you still have to buy the same amount of mattresses and bedding, you can save on the cost of the frame too. 

Tip – Integrate storage into your bunks for extra savings.

3. Maximise sleeping capacity

If you are tight on space, triple bunks are a great way to sleep more people in a small space. This can be ideal if you are installing them into a holiday or vacation rental because you are able to charge more based on the sleeping capacity of your accommodation.

Tip – You can add a double bed on the lower bunk for extra sleeping options.

Cons of a triple bunk

As with most design features, there are some downsides to opting for a triple bunk.

1. Making the beds!

One of the most common complaints about any bunk bed, especially a triple bunk is making the beds. However, this is a personal choice depending on how well made you want the bunks to be. 

Tip – If you build high fronts to the bunks you can hide imperfectly made beds

2. Safety concerns

If you have young children, bunks that are high off the ground can raise safety concerns. Similarly, if you are planning to rent out your home it is advisable to warn against young children using the top bunks.

Tip – Ensure you install safety rails on each bunk – the higher, the safer they are

3. Space restrictions

There is sometimes a fine balance between the ages of children who can sleep in bunks. Too young, and there can be safety concerns. Too old (and tall) and they might struggle to sit up comfortably within the bunk area.

Tip – Opt for lower profile mattresses to make the most of each bunk sleep quarter. 


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