5 Things You Need To Know About Lighting

decision-making design Jul 13, 2023

Lighting is one of our favourite decorative elements to add to any interior space. It’s the finishing touch that can set a space apart. But so often it’s a missed opportunity. Here are 5 factors you should consider before choosing your lighting.

1. Create a focal point

The right light is an easy way to create a focal point in a room. Hang an oversized pendant above a dining table and you instantly draw the eye into a space. Added bonus: a pendant is much more affordable than a dining table so you can create an impact for not a huge amount of money. 

2. Have a visual thread

One of the tricks that Natalie likes to use when specifying lighting is to have a visual thread throughout the home. A simple way to do this is limit your lighting choices to about 3-5 styles and repeat them in different rooms. To ensure variety, you can use different colours from the same lighting range, or different sizes. 

3. Go bigger than you think

 If you want to take your interiors to the next level, go as big as you can with your lighting, especially pendant lights hanging in living and bedroom areas. It’s an easy and often affordable way to elevate any interior.

 4. Embrace wall lights

 There is so much beauty with wall lights. They look like pieces of art, and provide sculptural forms. They make interiors much more interesting. They are also ideal if you have high ceilings, and you want to create a more intimate and inviting feeling in your spaces.   

 5. Avoid downlights

Neither of us are fans of downlights. They can make interiors feel like a shopping centre. They lack the warmth and intimacy that can be created with other options. As much as possible, we recommend looking for other options. 

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