Episode 2 – The 3 Pillars that Will Transform the Way You Think About Your Budget

budget podcast Mar 24, 2023

If you tend to put your head in the sand when it comes to the topic of budget and renovating, this episode is for you!

Come learn the 3 pillars that will transform the way you think about your budget – and it’s not all bad news.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to see your budget as a blessing, not a curse. 

Discover your budget personality, and how to become a budget realist. 

Want to make the most of your budget?

  1. When you are in control of your budget, you can keep your whole project on track
  2. You need to leave fear at the front door. Instead, ask questions and have tough conversations about money.
  3. Understand that the savings are made in the planning. 

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